Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New quilt class????

We had so much fun with the last class that the my friends at church want me to do another class.....i would love to....but....not sure about what quilt to do....any ideas?...needs to be average skills that all skill levels could enjoy....
I love the renewed interest in quilting that has spread through the church!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Coming to a Close!

I've been gone for a while!! Life has taken many twists and wonderful turns in the past 3 months!! My dad was in a serious car accident in May and I have been able to be with him and help him with his recovery as he lives with us until he is back on his feet.....retirement -yes I did it!! BUT now I am in full swing with my Longarm quilting business....I love it!!! I have joined 2 quilt guilds-Lakeview Quilt Guild and Mainland Morning Quilt Guild...completed several charity and auction quilts....I have started my first Block of the Month Club with Pinwheels and Posies -local quilt shop....and I started doing contract work back to my school district as well as continuing to take dad into rehab 3x per week with doctor appts, etc....would love to hear from you:)
call me...come see me if you want to work on a quilt or need someone to quilt it for you!!!!